Our Process

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

First, you can get an idea of the budgets we typically work within, and maybe pick one of the preset packages further down on the same page. 

Then you can send us an inquiry via the form so we get an idea about the basic outline of your project.

Via email or text chat (Skype, Discord), we ask you about your business and the goals of your web project. At the end, we’d outline what we can build and give you a quote + timeline for wrapping up the end product.

If the given quote suits you, we’d accept a certain portion of the amount (via PayPal) – depending on the project scope. Typically 20%-50%.

We create your thing. If we are redesigning an existing website, there would be a frequently updated online demo (staging installation) where you can observe the progress. If it’s a brand new website, we can develop it directly on your hosting server.

You can review if everything is according the the specifications. When you are satisfied with the finished work, you can pay the remaining amount we’ve agreed on.

We deliver the end product.